Monday, 17 May 2010


This weekend was the rickmansworth canal festival and was in my view one of the very best the boat tug of war was the highlight of the weekend with all the high jinks of cheating with boats tied to other boats as they tried to pull them self's apart, in a blaze of soot and wash its was over seen by our compares chris and adrian , who took no pitty on the poor boater passing through while this was going on , oh and he had his stern rope hooked on his tiller pin this proverbial was taken as they passed judgment on his boating lack of skill it was funny and the poor bloke was on his way then probably fouled his prop and might of thought ( OH THAT'S WOT THEY MEANT ) then on Sunday night as we where leaving some bloke who had had far to much to drink decided to try and make his way out of the site by flying his car over the bridge needles to say he came a cropper and was taken away good job too as someone could of been killed by the idiot but apart from that this was a fantastic weekend

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