Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Nothing to say as everthing is on hold only the very brave are out and about as the weather seems to be still very could , although today was almost balmy , and i broke out into my first sweat of the year , all thats seems to be happening is that boaters are coming out slowly from there winter slumber am expecting battery problems and the usual round of problems after lay up, the best advise is to wake the boat up slowly if you havent been down for a while , dont expact everything to work , if you are going to run the engine make the usual checks before starting , and run her for a good long while not for just 20 mins or so but a real good run get it up to temp , also remember check ur stern gear and grease the tube as this would have been subject to ice and will leak if you run in gear so keep an eye on it and all will been well , dont be worried as everything will need to expand a little and then everything will settle down also allow your batterys to have a dam good charge , if you have been on a land line this is a must to get the batterys off float and absorbing amps .