Monday, 3 May 2010


Some photos from little Venice this weekend from the basin and some from camden showing Archimedes chiswick Victoria and kestrel having a race back to the show was god fun to watch Archimedes was fully loaded and looked good low in the water but i think tom had trouble stopping her at speed didn't get a chance to get pictures of kestrel and chiswick as they went of at a fair old lick although i did get wet feet all in all a good weekend , we also entered middlesex in the boat handling comp with robin on the helm i was caught giving base ball type hand signals a got some flack from my mates on there boats but think robin did well as its the first time the boat has ever been entered , in the novice class will post the result later next year it will be my turn any way hope you have all had a good weekend , all the best ralph see you all at rickmansworth in two weeks

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