Thursday, 1 April 2010


IF you are thinking of buying a boat then think before you travel , i get far too many boaters buying boats from all over the place then trying to get them to the southeast , the usual problems overheating failing fan belts and water pumps and alternators , due to the boat being in a marina for ages never being used and poss being on a long term brokerage and with poorly maintained b.m.c and perkins 4108 engines that are past there best remember before setting of on your first long trip have it serviced and a eye cast over it as these engines although good if maintained will bite you in the backside if not as they are near 40 years old and past there best you will be hard pressed to get anyone who wants to work on an old perkins and i have to say they are not my favrouite and the parts situation on them is getting dier so the message is get the engine checked over befor you go and remember if you are planning to live abord then the engine is the most important part of your boat as it supplies all you need if its weak then you have no option but to replace it , its no good flogging a dead horse in the end it will cost you take heed .

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