Saturday, 6 March 2010


As the weather gets better there are one or two things everyone should be checking , as the weather has been so cold i have had an increaseing number of phone calls from my coustomesrs and other boaters sayiny there engines are over heating , this is mostly down to a lack of water in the heat exchanger /header tank due mainly in part to boater who live abord comeing home from work and starting the engine , to charge the batteries and as its been so cold most have neglected to do the basics namely checking the water and oil one a week , even though its been cold the poor old engine has got hot and boiled some of its coolant away and over the weeks has resulted in overheating , as long as the cooling system is topped up there should be no long term damage but this is not a promiss , the asic checks should be undertaken at least once a week during the winter and every day during the summer remember your engine is the hart of your boat without it you have no power and repairs may take sevral weeks so check your engine get in a habit wot ever the weather and if in doubt ring me for advise it cost nothing .

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