Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bio Diesiel

With the introduction of low sulphur bio diesel on to the waterways many questions are being asked as to the long term affects to the modern engine and that some degrading of the rubber seals with in the engine might be affected, this is as present an unknown but likely to affect the engine as stronger detergents and other chemicals are mixed to lower the dioxins in the exhaust, also that the fuel will degrade as it ages , therefore if you have a 180ltr tank a usual sized tank for a narrow boat, it would be prudent to cycle your tank throughout the year in other words run your tank lower than usual, fuel filter will need to be changed on a more regular basis and i would strongly advise the use of MARINE 16 Treatment available from the river canal website follow the links to the web shop, A better way if possible is to have a day tank installed fed from the main tank a throw back to a by gone age but with out doubt a better way of isolating a fuel problem I'm sure you will agree, and i think we might see boat builders adopting a smaller fuel tank instead of the large type we are all used too anyway have a safe and trouble free year and all the best.

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